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Plant & Machinery, Inc. - Auctioneers, Appraisers, Liquidations, Real Estate
Plant & Machinery, Inc. - Auctioneers, Appraisers, Liquidations, Real Estate

Real Estate



Auctions are exciting events. They quickly become serious events when they involve your property and your money. Auctions work – in good times and in bad – for great properties and distressed ones.

PMI understands and respects the fact that many times real estate auctions are transition times in the buyer’s and the seller’s experience and we are sensitive to those goals.


Successful auctions are a product of experience, diligent planning and implementation, as well as  allegiance to our clients.

Contact us and discover how profitable it can be.

PMI is an auction and marketing firm, successfully serving clients since 1984. We understand the challenges in timely, cost-effective real property handling. We encourage you to objectively consider your real estate carrying, holding, and marketing cost. We are aware of your obstacles and can design a plan, through auction marketing, to address your concerns while achieving your goals.


The word “auction” motivates potential buyers, propelling them into action. The seller benefits by dictating specific sales terms, determining the time and place of the sales event, and requiring the buyer to conduct due diligence prior to the auction. In essence, the seller retains control of the sale.


It’s about knowing how to plan, market, and execute. As you can see from our history, that is standard procedure at PMI. Plant and Machinery Inc. has been in the auction business since 1984. We have literally done hundreds of successful auctions over the years. We continually look at our business and our clients and examine how we might best serve and grow. Real estate has always been a part of our original business, and it is expanding rapidly. Each year we recognize more and more opportunities in real estate.

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Auctions create urgency that immediately and suddenly change the dynamics of the purchase decision.


It is VERY, VERY important to recognize and understand this shift. The buyer’s thought processes are reversed in favor of the seller. The purchaser’s primary concern now has shifted from “what is the least I can pay” to “what is the most I can pay and still have value.” This is incredibly significant in achieving a market price. A seller should always remember: real estate is a component of a larger transaction be it business or personal, not the product. Thus, the auction process makes for a smooth and uncomplicated closing by eliminating endless negotiations and contingencies.


Marketing plays an important role in the success of the real estate auction. PMI focuses on assembling the market, regardless of property type.


When advertising is targeted to prospective buyers and the pertinent property information is made available to them, the auction process can effectively consolidate a year’s worth of marketing into a short and highly profitable four weeks. This is a tool that would benefit any real estate project.

In today’s business environment, what the time and money equation does not cover, the risk vs. reward concept addresses. This is where PMI Real Estate Auction Services can address your needs. Whether it is closing the sale before another year of property taxes hit you or the never-ending battle with maintenance, let PMI design an auction marketing plan that will get you results.

The Auction Process Advantage

  • Causes virtually every buyer in the market to consider your property

  • Buyers have to consider “what is the most I can give” instead of the endless price negotiations of “what is the least I can get by with”; and then end up on another property after all the time and effort

  • Creates urgency, causing a buyer to act

  • Creates marketing that will stun the market and force it to examine the opportunity

  • If there is uncertainty in the future or the stability of the market is a concern because of the economy or other competing products, be it newer projects or projects with different options and amenities, the auction sells for cash auction day and eliminates that concern

  • Buyers will act on your schedule with your predetermined conditions

  • Property really does sell without contingencies

  • Stops the carrying cost

  • Delivers legitimately interested buyers, not just tire kickers

  • If you have a seasonal product, or one that needs to sell at a particular time, an auction lets you tell your story, attract the buyer, and close at the appropriate time of the year

  • Auction marketing will reach buyers you would never see with a traditional, very expensive advertising campaign

  • Bidding competition allows you to sell at the highest price

PMI Is Uniquely Set Apart From Other Auction Companies:


Better than us telling you what we can do, please look at what our clients say we have done!

"We interviewed six auction companies during an intensive selection process…when you have one shot to hit the target, you want to make real sure you’ve got the right gun. You did everything you said and more. I feel good knowing that I made the right decision and was able to achieve my financial objective."

-Barney H. Leach

President, Leach Manufacturing Co.

"Out of all the proposals received, yours was the most interesting to me and seemed to provide the soundest thinking to assure maximum return…thanks for a job well done. Your dedication, cooperation, and total honesty are greatly appreciated."

-D.A. Decedue

Manager, Material Control Avondale Industries Inc.

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