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Longview Fab & Machine, Inc.

Webcast Auction

Auction Date - 09/23/ 2021

Located in Longview, TX


Online Auction

Auction Date - 09/10/ - 09/24/2021

Located in LONGVIEW, TX

Block and Company, Inc. Day 1

Webcast Auction

Auction Date - 09/29/ 2021

Located in Wheeling, IL

Block and Company, Inc. Distribution Center, New Inventory, Office Furnishings - Day 2

Online Auction

Auction Date - 09/27/ - 09/30/2021

Located in Buffalo Grove, IL


Webcast Auction

Auction Date - 10/28/ 2021

Located in South Houston, TX

We are proud of our body of work and our reputation. We certainly would welcome the opportunity for our team of professionals to design a program to meet your asset sales goals via a professional auction event.

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