Deposits & Wire Transfer

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Deposits & Wire Transfers

A 100% refundable $3000 (US Bidders) or $10,000 (Foreign Bidders) deposit may be required for all webcast bidding.

Your credit/debit card added through the fully secure and PCI compliant registration process will be assessed a 100% refundable $3000 (US Bidder) or a $10,000 (Foreign Bidder) deposit in order to be approved to bid online within this auction. If you are unsuccessful in the auction, your card will be refunded of your deposit within 24 hours post auction. Plant & Machinery Inc. DOES NOT take credit cards for auction invoice payments.

Wire Transfer Instructions
Please see individual auction for the wire transfer information. You can also call 713-691-4401 and a member of our staff will email or fax the required information to you.

We are proud of our body of work and our reputation. We certainly would welcome the opportunity for our team of professionals to design a program to meet your asset sales goals via a professional auction event.

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