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56" BULLARD "DYNATROL" HI COLUMN VERTICAL TURRET LATHE maximum ht. under cross rail 60”, maximum
ht. under turret face 71 ¾”, spd. Range: 5-200 RPM, Feed Range –infinity variable .001” to /250”/rev, vertical travel
of turret head 30 ¾”, vertical travel of 11” heavy duty ram head 60”, toolpost holes 2 ¾”, auto. Lubrication, compact
unified remote control pendant for all machine functions, hardened and grounded ways on cross rail and turret swivel,
power index turret, pistol grip pendant controls, 4-jaw manual chuck, 40 HP main motor, 5 HP rail elevation, 200” ht.
w/rail and pendant up, 135” width, 31” front to back. Approx. weight 74,000 lbs. S/N 33660, 1983.
PRICE: $59,500


We are proud of our body of work and our reputation. We certainly would welcome the opportunity for our team of professionals to design a program to meet your asset sales goals via a professional auction event.

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